Residence and Citizenship by Investment


Empower Global Citizenship

The rapid advance of globalization has expanded these topics of significant interest among an increasing number of internationally mobile entrepreneurs and investors

There are many reasons why individuals and their families want to take up residence in another country. They may want the reassurance of being able to move to another jurisdiction at short notice or they may wish to increase the ease of travel.  Capital protection and political risk are key reasons for a safeguard passport solution. Personal independence, tax planning, security, better education and health protection are essential motives. Moreover, another country may also be attractive due to its location and lifestyle.

A number of countries around the world offer attractive residence schemes and more importantly, the additional advantage of a passport

Asset Street partners to grant clients specialist advice about residence and citizenship programmes. Asset Street guides clients in their banking solutions and negotiated cost efficienct fee structures

Clients are encouraged to consider diverse options before applying for the residence program that best meets their specific needs

We identify and assist in the acquisition of real estate or alternatively a corporate set-up that avoids real estate investment to be granted golden visas.  We work with experienced lawyers to assure a swift legal process for our clients